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Our firm specializes in helping individuals, companies, non-profits, and govt. agencies to resolve disputes without going to court.


Mission Statement

Gary Weissman



        Our owner is Garry A. Weissman, who practiced law for 30 years, has been a mediator for 32 years, an arbitrator for 25 years, and a trainer of mediators and arbitrators in two states and two other countries.


       He also taught Alternative Dispute Resolution for 14 years as an adjunct professor at a law school in the Twin Cities and is the principal author of a Handbook on Alternative Dispute Resolution. He was the only Wyoming resident admitted to the International Academy of Mediators.


       He currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he is a

tour guide for the Jackson Hole Historical Society, a former officer of the Teton Back Country Horsemen, and a member of the Jackson Citizens Mounted Patrol. 

Our Principal

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